Impression | Abdruck

Katrin Seglitz Speech for the vernissage of the exhibition “Impression/Abdruck” by Felicia Glidden on 17.1.2020at the Kunsthaus Caserne in Friedrichshafen Fallenbrunnen When you come into this room, you are impressed by the large-format works hanging here. Impression/Printing is what Felicia called the exhibition, and both words have a courtyard of meaning: In Impression, we hear… Continue reading Impression | Abdruck

ProjekTraum Reservoir

Projektraum Reservoir – 60 Jahre Wasserwerk ABRW (Au-Balgach-Rebstein-Widnau) Hümpeler, Balgach, Switzerland Three channel video and live and electronic performance, 29:00 minutes 2016 Felicia Glidden Video, Photography, Paintings Alain Wozniak Artistic Director, Composition, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Flute, Electronic Music Philippe Wozniak Contrabass, Electronic Bass Anna Katharina Aichroth Berimbau, Capoeira Angola, Percussion Four communities in Switzerland were… Continue reading ProjekTraum Reservoir

Between Two Rivers I, II & III

Between Two Rivers III Steel, handmade paper, two channel video projection, sound 13:56 minutes dimensions variable 2014 This was in the exhibition Unterströmungen (Undercurrents) at Galerie Bagnato in Oberdorf, Konstanz Germany September 2014.  Both channels play the same imagery, but not simultaneously. The primary visual thread through this work is an image of the movement… Continue reading Between Two Rivers I, II & III


This was a test piece which was never fully realized as an exhibited installation.  I had envisioned floating a paper house about a foot above the ground from an impossibly small wire crane which was on the edge of breaking.