Category: sound

  • First Line from Every Dream

    I started mining my dream journals of 25 years in 2010. I began to type them out and then read them aloud into a recorder. I soon realized the first line usually either set the scene, or the cast of character. The written document is 20 pages single spaced. I projected it as a looped […]

  • Between Two Rivers I, II & III

    Between Two Rivers III Steel, handmade paper, two channel video projection, sound 13:56 minutes dimensions variable 2014 This was in the exhibition Unterstr√∂mungen (Undercurrents) at Galerie Bagnato in Oberdorf, Konstanz Germany September 2014.¬† Both channels play the same imagery, but not simultaneously. The primary visual thread through this work is an image of the movement […]

  • Immersion

    Immersion was a 2010 sound installation of a hexagon-shaped room with speakers built into the walls and sand on the floor. Layers of text from dreams with water (in any form) were layered with music and collected sounds. Immersion drywall, wood, speakers, paint, sand, pillows, led lights, Dolby 5.1 Surround, 34 min 8_Immersion_sound_clip