Category: painting

  • Impression | Abdruck

    Katrin Seglitz Speech for the vernissage of the exhibition “Impression/Abdruck” by Felicia Glidden on 17.1.2020at the Kunsthaus Caserne in Friedrichshafen Fallenbrunnen When you come into this room, you are impressed by the large-format works hanging here. Impression/Printing is what Felicia called the exhibition, and both words have a courtyard of meaning: In Impression, we hear […]

  • Cassandra Project

    The Cassandra Project was made during the artist residency Salem2Salem at Salem Art Works in August 2019. My idea was to use the New York Times as the starting point of the work about the news and the Greek priestess Cassandra.* I began making collages from the newspaper and these became painting over the newspapers. […]

  • Believe Me (It’ll be Great)

    These paintings evolved from the Trashquilt project.  During the 2016 USA election, I started noticing the repetition of the words “Believe me” and “Trust me” as qualifiers. Usually, these words are followed by lies.

  • Trashquilt Tête du Travers

    This series of large drawings was made surrounding the 2016 US election. The text, “Between the Darkness of the Sun and Moon, ” was written in March 2015, five days after a young pilot intentionally flew an airplane with 149 passengers into the French Alps. I continued working on it in 2017 and began to […]