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  • Plastic Quilt

    Plastic Quilt

    Installation in the exhibition “Bildsprachen” in the new Castle in Kisslegg from April 10 – Nov. 1, 2022

  • First Line from Every Dream

    I started mining my dream journals of 25 years in 2010. I began to type them out and then read them aloud into a recorder. I soon realized the first line usually either set the scene, or the cast of character. The written document is 20 pages single spaced. I projected it as a looped […]

  • Prometheus 2015

    Prometheus 2015 Symphony for Orchestra, Light and Video installation at the Muttertagkonzert “Sound and Colour” 14 x 5 m (46 x 16 ft) Graf-Zeppelin-Haus, Friedrichshafen, Germany; 2015 For Philippe Wozniak’s version of Prometheus 2015, I  developed a series of short videos from the landscape, and urban settings.  I am onstage with the orchestra using VJ software […]