Believe Me (It’ll be Great)

These paintings evolved from the Trashquilt project.  During the 2016 USA election, I started noticing the repetition of the words “Believe me” and “Trust me” as qualifiers. Usually, these words are followed by lies.

Glidden - painting
Believe Me (It’ll be Great) Oil, Ink and Thread on Paper 53 x 43 cm 2017
F Glidden -mixed media
Trashquilt Tête du Travers, acrylic, ink, cotton thread on aluminum coated paper, wood, cast iron, 61 x 51 x 9 cm, 2017 This piece was included in the Whitney Biennial in the Whitney Museum in NYC as part of Occupy Museums’ Debtfair project.
Glidden - painting
Trust Me, Oil, Ink and Thread on Aluminized Paper 53 x 43 cm 2017
Grace, Acrylic, Ink, Aluminized Paper & Thread 54 x 73 cm 2017






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