Trashquilt Tête du Travers

This series of large drawings was made surrounding the 2016 US election. The text, “Between the Darkness of the Sun and Moon, ” was written in March 2015, five days after a young pilot intentionally flew an airplane with 149 passengers into the French Alps. I continued working on it in 2017 and began to… Continue reading Trashquilt Tête du Travers

ProjekTraum Reservoir

Projektraum Reservoir – 60 Jahre Wasserwerk ABRW (Au-Balgach-Rebstein-Widnau) Hümpeler, Balgach, Switzerland Three channel video and live and electronic performance, 29:00 minutes 2016 Felicia Glidden Video, Photography, Paintings Alain Wozniak Artistic Director, Composition, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Flute, Electronic Music Philippe Wozniak Contrabass, Electronic Bass Anna Katharina Aichroth Berimbau, Capoeira Angola, Percussion Four communities in Switzerland were… Continue reading ProjekTraum Reservoir