Matris Fe


This series of cast iron sculptures was intended to be a series of 17 sculptures and was from a dream vision. In the dream, there were a series of cast iron furnaces that were overflowing with iron. It was an all women iron pour. The sculptures came out of the furnace fully formed. To date I have completed 11 of these sculptures.

collaboration installation -scenic design performance -live sculpture

Ped Pex Power Pod


A 2009 Art shanty project, this was an experiment in whether our guests could generate enough electricity using pedal power to boil water and make coffee in an ice house on the a frozen lake. I collaborated with my siblings Veronica and Colin Glidden and for 5 weekends (+Weds.) we were on Medicine Lake making coffee. We received a grant from the Art Shanty Projects, and our friends supported the project with materials and cash.  We invited musicians to play. You can see and read more on the original blog.

video sound recorded  live  on Medicine Lake of Tim Kaiser (Electronics) Shawn Glidden + Friends (Old Timey), Emme, Issac + Martha (´poetry). Mix by F. Glidden