For Philippe Wozniak’s version of Prometheus 2015, I have developed a series of short videos primarily from the landscape and urban settings: I am incorporating photographs and layering imagery and moving light to correspond with the music. The colors shift in relation to the movements: Will of the Spirit, Humanity, Dreams, Damnation, and Freeing of Prometheus. It was performed at the Graf Zeppelin Haus with the Symphonisches Jugendblasorchester Friedrichshafen under the direction of Alain Wozniak at the Muttertagkonzert “Sound and Colour” at the Premiere Sunday May 10th 2015. This work is supported by Netzwerk Neue Musik, Baden-Würtemburg Stiftung, and the Kulturbüro Friedrichshafen.

“The symphony “Prometheus: the Poem of Fire (1910) by Russian pianist and composer Alexander Scriabin (Moscow, 1872-1915) was the first composition in history to include notation for lights, interlacing color with sound to create multi-sensorial harmony. Scriabin envisaged the use of a color keyboard to transpose the “Luce” part of his score into colored light projections for his symphony, associating the 12 tones of the chromatic scale with 12 colors that changed in conjunction with the basic tones of the harmonies. A specially designed multi-color light projector with colored light bulbs was made from the mpodel by physicist Alexander Moser for the first performance of Prometheus, which was given in Moscow on March 15th, 1911, but the machine that was supposed to perform the lighting part did not operate. The first public presentation of Scriabin’s symphony accompanied by colored lighting occured a year later at the Carnegie Hall in NY. The color portion of the score was played with a color-projection instrument, later named the Chromola, made by Preston S. Miller, a specialist in lighting.” From the Catalogue for “Art or Sound” exhibition at the Fondazione Prada in Venice in 2014.

This video was part of a project which took place inside of a water reservoir where a community in Switzerland was celebrating 60 years of their water system. 60 Jahre Wasserwerks ABRW (Au-Balgach-Rebstein-Widnau). The artistc director of the project was Alain Wozniak. He developed a series of electronic compositions which was accompanied by live music and a three channel video installation by Felicia Glidden.
Alain Wozniak; clarinet, flute, bass clarinet, and ipad, Phillip Wozniak; bass and electric bass, and Anna Katharina Aichroth; birimbau, drum and capoera dance. October 2014

Between Two Rivers III is a sculptural sound installation: Two channel video, steel, handmade paper, sound 13:56 minutes , dimensions variable, 2012 -2014. The theme of the work is undercurrents. This clip shows a live performance inside of the installation from Kunstnacht Konstanz 2014. Ravelation is an original work inspired by Ravel, composed and performed by Alain Wozniak in the Galerie Bagnato for Kunstnacht Konstanz in September 2014 at the solo exhibition Unterströmungen by Felicia Glidden.