Between Two Rivers III, 2014

Between Two Rivers III is a sculptural sound installation: Two channel video, steel, handmade paper, sound 13:56 minutes , dimensions variable, 2012 -2014. Ravelation is an original work inspired by Ravel, composed and performed by Alain Wozniak in the Galerie Bagnato for Kunstnacht Konstanz in September 2014 at the solo exhibition Unterströmungen by Felicia Glidden.

En Route, 2011

Felicia Glidden & Alain Wozniak collaborative project at Salem2Salem International Artist Residency 2011 in Salem, New York

Mozart Clarinet Concerto in A major KV 6222nd movement adagio Soloist: Alain Wozniak Orchestra: Southwest German Philharmonic Orchestra of Constance Live recording Graf-Zeppelin-Haus Friedrichshafen 2010 Les moulins de mon coeur Composer: Michel Legrand Vocals: Alain Wozniak Soundtrack: Sunkaroake1 Channel Recorded at Salem Art Works porch studio Salem, NY 2011 Tango Etude #4-Lento Meditativo Composer: Astor Piazzolla Clarinet: Alain Wozniak Piano: Bernhard Thomas Klein Live Recording at the Court House Concert, Salem, NY 2011
Traditional from Sweden Conductor: Alain Wozniak Choir: Artists in Residence at Salem2Salem Salem, Germany 2010 Live recording at the Salem Castle Library Opening Concert in Salem, Germany 2010. All other sounds recorded by Felicia Glidden in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany: Schaffhausen Switzerland, “Ave Maria” recorded while walking through the Museo della Musico in Venice, Italy 2011
Videos by Felicia Glidden in Friedrichshafen, Salem and Lindau, German; Schaffhausen and Zurich, Switzerland; Pisek, Czechoslovakia and Minnesota, USA 2011 Video by Alain Wozniak of Iron Pour at Salem Art Works
Thank you to the artists in residence at the Salem2Salem 2011 for their words about the road and Dave Bender and Johanna Knoepfle for their performances at the opening reception of En Route. Special thanks to Anthony Cafritz, Director of Salem Art Works

Immersion, 2010

This sculptural sound installation was an enclosed hexagon shaped room that was nearly dark. The floor was covered with sand. Speakers built into the walls played a 34 minute Dolby Surround sound score. Immersion includes  environmental sounds and music recorded at Salem2Salem artist residency in Salem, Germany and text from twenty year archive of dreams. Fifty dreams of water are spoken in a layered soundtrack. Whereas dream life affords the ability to breath underwater, Immersion provides an entry into an internal landscape. Choir, text and music in the soundtrack include artists: Kate Christiansen, Brendan Fitzgerald, Peter Lundberg, Max Sharam, Dee Hopper, Dorle Ferber, Uli Johannes Kieckbusch, Bernard Thomas Klein, Christian Von Der Goltz and Remy Trevisan. It also includes a 2:40 minute original dream sequence composition by Alain Wozniak.

Cloud Rust, 2010

The sound track is an excerpt titled “Weeping Rust” 6:59 minutes from a sound work where I read the first line of every dream I have written down, 28:00 minutes It is layered with sounds from NYC, and trains in southern Minnesota. The dance improvisation of me in the library (4:12 – 5:25) was conceived, edited and developed by Bernhard Thomas Klein with a musical improvisation by Dorle Ferber, Bernhard Thomas Klein, Max Sharam, and photographed by Marcus Schwier.