On February 15, 2016, I read this photo caption in the New York Times “Recology, San Francisco’s main recycling plant collects 100 tons of cardboard every day.”   I had already started collecting plastic, cardboard, and wax paper that surrounds the food which I buy at the grocery store.  We shop online and I am surrounded by packaging. How do I dispose of this? Which bin?  Everything is sorted by material here.

Felicia Glidden, Trashquilt (detail) paper, plastic, cardboard, thread 2016

I started making drawings (rubbings) with my trash collection and was thinking about submitting my artwork to Franconia Sculpture Park‘s 20th anniversary alumni exhibition in Minneapolis, MN.   I began to draw a lot, and in February made this book to send to the park. The Trashquilt evolved from this work.

Felicia Glidden Impress, mixed-media sketchbook 36 x 28 cm (14 x 11 in) 2016

F Glidden - drawing
Felicia Glidden graphite on paper, 260 x 150 cm (260 x 60 in) 2016
F Glidden - drawing
Felicia Glidden graphite on paper 282 x 150 cm 112 x 59 in 2016



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This was a test piece which was never fully realized.  I had envisioned floating a paper house about a foot above the ground from an impossibly small wire crane which was on the edge of breaking.


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Matris Fe

Ped Pex Power Pod


A 2009 Art shanty project, this was an experiment in whether our guests could generate enough electricity using pedal power to boil water and make coffee in an ice house on the a frozen lake. I collaborated with my siblings Veronica and Colin Glidden and for 5 weekends (+Weds.) we were on Medicine Lake making coffee. We received a grant from the Art Shanty Projects, and our friends supported the project with materials and cash.  We invited musicians to play. You can see and read more on the original blog.

video sound recorded  live  on Medicine Lake of Tim Kaiser (Electronics) Shawn Glidden + Friends (Old Timey), Emme, Issac + Martha (´poetry). Mix by F. Glidden