Landing Vessels

I made these sculptures between 2003 and 2009, as I was learning the process of metal  casting at artist residencies using piece molds made of resin bonded sand. For my patterns, I was using rubber balls, oil based clay, natural materials, direct carving and eventually separating the molds and building mother molds around them to contain the metal. I was interested in making thin castings which were fragile yet strong.

I was still studying modern dance and we practiced Rudolph Laban’s A Scales from his movement theory of Space Harmony. Kinesphere is a metaphor for the personal space around the body, Laban worked on a notation method for recording movement. I was looking to represent these ideas of pathways, levels and directions in sculpture. Although I had some sculpture as an undergraduate student, this was the beginning of my in depth study of three dimensional form. I was working to connect this to my understanding of movement I had been exploring in dance.

Two of these pieces were recently in an exhibition in Washington DC  and are mentioned in the review in the Washington Post.

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